Thursday, February 28, 2013

SQL 2005 Cluster Full Text Search Resource erorr

Generic service 'SQL Server Fulltext (MSSQL2K5)' could not be brought online (with error '1075') during an attempt to start the service.  Possible cause: the specified service parameters might be invalid.

1) Assuming that Node A is now active and Node B is passive
2) Install SP4 on Node A (Active Node First) and reboot it. Resources will fail over to Node B now.
3) One Node A comes back, move resources to Node A, and then install SP4 on Node B and reboot.
4) Once it comes back, check if the issue is resolved.
5) If not Follow Fix2

1) Assuming Node A is Active, Open Regedit on Node B (Passive Node)  and follow below mentioned Reg Changes (Screenshot below)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSFTESQL$InstanceName\
Multi-String Value: DependsOnService
Value Changed from …

(Delete NTLMSSP)

2) Restart Node B
3) Once Node B comes back, Fail Over resources to Node B and try to start the Full Test Search Cluster resource. You should be able to start it now.
4) Do the Same Reg Change in NodeA (Passive now) and reboot that too 


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